Wright Flow SteriLobe Pumps in GA: The New Benchmark For Rotary Lobe Pumps

by Eric Lunsford
May 28, 2019

All Wright Flow Sterilobe pumps in GA - except the SLHS pump - can be fitted with front cover relief valves to protect the pump and seals from over-pressure situations.

The pumps are designed with DIN 24960 L1K seal envelopes allowing proprietary seals to be fitted, and are particularly useful in applications where a site standard seal supplier is specified. EHEDG-certified for CIP cleanability, which means that the Wright Flow SteriLobe pumps in GA can be used under stringent sanitary conditions.

Generous seal access facilitates simple front loading and removal of all seal variations without the need to dismantle the pump head, saving time and money when routine maintenance is required. The cover joint profile improves the hygiene characteristics and cleaning efficiency of the pump.

Enhanced rotor case geometry enables self-draining of the pump without loss of efficiency, saving product and again improving cleaning capabilities. Stainless steel gear case and improved bearing housing finish provide a clean and corrosion-resistant finish, essential in a clean process environment.

Semi-fluid grease charged gear case means no routine maintenance such as checking of oil levels, especially important when a pump is installed in a hard-to-reach situation.

A New Generation of Wright Flow SteriLobe Pumps in GA

In addition to setting the standards in their industry, they have incorporated many new and unique developments to increase the performance envelope and functionality of the product.
In all, there are 17 displacements over 8 frame sizes with nominal discharge pressure capabilities to 15 Bar to provide the ability to more closely meet specific application requirements.

EHEDG and Sanitary/Hygienic Applications Rotors

Universal-Mounting Relief Valves: All pumps may be fitted with front cover and rotor case jackets when required. Jackets are designed to maintain the liquid at pumping temperature.

Pump Sealing Options: SteriLobe is the new benchmark for rotary lobe pumps. Both bi-wing and four-lobe rotors are available with clearances to 150°C, making them suitable for all CIP and SIP conditions. As standard, the rotors are manufactured from 316L stainless steel.

The SteriLobe range has cast stainless steel bolt on feet that offer stable and robust support to the pump. Simple relocation of the standard feet enables the pumps to be easily mounted with shafts in the upper or lower position or for ports to be aligned horizontally or vertically.

The Wright Flow SteriLobe pumps in GA are certified to EHEDG cleanliness requirements and in the critical area of the mechanical seal, exceeds the design criteria to make them one of the cleanest standard construction pumps available.

Ideal Industries for Wright Flow SteriLobe Pumps in GA

Personal Care Products: Some personal care products are very sensitive; some, like toothpastes are abrasive, while others, like mascara are very thick and sticky.

Chocolate: Handled badly, the texture and taste of chocolate can easily change, so chocolate needs a quality pump and a certain 'know-how'.

Dairy Cream: Dairy creams require different handling solutions according to the fat content and pumping temperature.

Pet Foods: Pumps are produced with special hardened internals to handle everything from the raw ingredients such as chicken viscera and fats, to the finished gravies and sauces.

Culinary Sauces: Wright Flow handle a wide variety of applications for all the major producers of culinary and cook-in sauces.

Pharmaceutical: Most pharmaceutical applications require cleanliness, FDA conforming materials and full material traceability.

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