ARO FDA Compliant Diaphragm Pump

Yields 20-30% better flow rates & ensures that your material is transferred unharmed

ARO is launching a series of FDA-compliant diaphragm pumps. The new SD line of FDA-compliant diaphragm pumps is designed to pump and transfer materials for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries safely and efficiently.

ARO’s new SD line of FDA-compliant diaphragm pumps yields 20 to 30 percent better flow rates than current market competitors’ and ensures that material is transferred unharmed. Designed to pump and transfer materials for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries safely and efficiently, these pumps can be disassembled quickly for easy inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

“We look forward to collaborating with new customers and industries on how the SD line can solve their fluid management challenges,” Wesley said.

A number of advanced features make the SD pump ideal as a feed pump in a filling process, as part of a “clean in place” practice or in a high-volume dispensing application. These include electropolish stainless steel and FDA-compliant materials to pump material while maintaining the integrity of the product, and a proprietary design that prevents leakage and material waste and offers a service life four times better than traditional diaphragm pumps (under normal operating conditions).

The SD pumps build on decades of ARO expertise to provide plant managers and maintenance engineers the best cost-of-ownership rates in the industry.

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