Why Choose Gardner Denver Hydrovane Compressors in GA?

Why Choose Gardner Denver Hydrovane Compressors in GA?

A Hydrovane compressor in GA is a long-term investment that will supply high-quality pulse-free air reliably and efficiently and can last up to three times longer than alternative technologies. When installed and maintained properly with the correct service guidelines, this compressor can last for as long as you want it to without replacements of any […]

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What Are The Differences In Positive Displacement Pumps In GA?

The world of positive displacement pumps is very large and steadily growing. As a positive displacement pump supplier in GA, I’m often asked about the various types of pumps that are available. A positive displacement pump supplier in GA has to be familiar with a large variety of high-pressure pump technologies in order to design […]

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Know Your Pumps: External Gear Pumps

Recently, I took you through the workings of an internal gear pump. Today I’m going to guide you through the inner workings of an external gear pump. How do They Work? External gear pumps use two identical gears rotating against each other to drive fluid from the suction port to the discharge port. Each gear […]

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Know Your Pumps: Vane Pumps

We are continuing on with our series of ‘Know Your Pump’ so that you better know your way around the world of Positive Displacement pumps. Today we are looking at Vane Pumps. How Does A Vane Pump Work? Vane pumps have a rotor with radial slots, which are positioned off-center in a housing bore. Vanes […]

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Know Your Pumps: Lobe Pumps

We’re back for another edition of “Know Your Pumps.” This time we take a look at another member of the positive displacement pump family: lobe pumps. How Do They Work? Lobe pumps are similar to external gear pumps in operation, except the pumping elements or lobes do not make contact. Lobe contact is prevented by […]

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Know Your Pumps: Internal Gear Pumps

Sometimes there’s nothing quite like a reminder about the basics of various product categories. So we thought we’d take the time to review some of the major pump categories. Starting with the ever reliable Internal Gear Pump. How Does It Work? The crescent internal gear pump has an outer or rotor gear that is generally […]

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Six More Mistakes You Could Be Making To Shorten The Life Of Your Pumps

Last month I shared with you six mistakes that could be shortening the life of your pumps. In this follow up article I’ll share with you another six mistakes that could be shortening the life of your pumps. Not Minimizing Radial Force Industry statistics indicate that the biggest reason centrifugal pumps are pulled from service is the […]

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Six Mistakes You Could Be Making That Shorten The Life Of Your Pumps

As the saying goes nothing lasts forever. But a good pump that is well maintained can last you a VERY long time. An ANSI pump can be expected to operate for 15-20 years although many last longer than 25 years. We have had Viking Internal Gear pumps in the field for 40 years or more. […]

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A new look at Best Practices For Pumping Hazardous Materials

Nobody likes a leaky pump and the unscheduled downtime and increased maintenance needs. When these pumps are moving aggressive acids and slurries, they can leak faster and when they do leak they create an unsafe work environment. Obviously, the biggest contributor to this problem is how quickly mechanical seals in conventional pumps wear out in […]

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An Insider’s Guide To Pump Packing

Despite all the advances in pump design over the years, we still have to choose how we are going to minimize leakage from our pumps. Based on our team’s observation here at Pye-Barker, there is a split between two camps. The mechanical seal camp and also the packing camp. Both have their merits depending on […]

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