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Common Factors that Lead to the Failure of Commercial Blowers in GA

rotary lobe pumps
by Raymond Fernandez
July 18, 2022

Failure of Commercial Blowers

There are numerous processes that require low pressure air in industrial and commercial applications. In order to carry out these processes cost-effectively, regenerative commercial blowers in GA have become a widely-used source for low pressure air.

The blowers are typically used for small air capacities at greater pressures that are beyond the performance scope of centrifugal blowers. The regenerative blowers function on compressor laws as opposed to fan laws.

Under compressor laws, surges in pressure or vacuum levels often result in a higher workloads, and greater heat production. As pressure or vacuum is elevated, the volumetric ability of these blowers decreases.

This is contrary to centrifugal blowers operating on fan laws, where larger volumes increase the work load, and as pressure or vacuum levels are elevated, volume is decreased, and the work load and heat load are reduced. Because of this, different defenses are required for the protection of regenerative blowers.

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