Gardner Denver Certified Compressor Technician

Or you could get a Gardner Denver Certified Technician to work on it.

I have run across occasions where the use of our certified Gardner-Denver technicians has saved the customer a lot of money and time.

A case in point was at a customer with five 500 Horsepower Gardner-Denver compressors. We received a call and were asked to look at a leaking main seal on one of the compressors. The customer was told by ‘another’ compressor repair AOL desktop gold support number company that the main seal would need to be replaced which would cost thousands of dollars for the seal and the labor to replace it.

Our technician evaluated the problem and within a matter of minutes found a faulty check valve that cost less than $10.00. The customer’s mechanics were also with our technician and learned what to look for should this problem arise on one of the other compressors.

This same customer also benefited from some in house training provided by our service manager.

We had a similar thing happen with another customer when they were told that their airend was bad on one of their compressors. Our service manager evaluated the compressor and found that the cushions in the coupling were bad and that the inlet valve needed to be repaired. We supplied the parts and the customer’s mechanic was able to complete their own repairs saving them a lot of money.

If you have a $50K or a $150K compressor it pays to have certified technicians who are trained on these compressors evaluate and resolve the problem. The cost savings can be huge.