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Using an ARO Diaphragm Pump for Powders

Using an ARO Diaphragm Pump for Powders We have a customer who does custom chemical mixing for pesticide and herbicide manufacturers. The additives used to produce these products come in both powder and liquid form. Usually the ingredients are mixed with water in large mixing tanks. The product is then moved to a smaller tank […]

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How Condensate/Water Gets Into Your Compressed Air System

How it Get In & How We Get it Out Compressed air is a simple tool but with complex issues. Air can be compressed and used to make jobs easier by moving product such as sugar, applying paint, or in tools for a shop. The complexity is the process which air goes through before it […]

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The Environments Impact on Your Blower

The Environments Impact on Your Blower With spring and summer comes an increase in a white car’s nightmare, pollen. Everyone experiences difficulty breathing while sneezing seems to become a more similar occurrence. This issue can also be the reason the blower in your shop has become louder with use. In a typical inlet filter for […]

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Mixing Lubricants, Or Using Incorrect Lubricant For The Application Is A Recipe For Disaster.

Do Not Mix Lubricants!! I had a customer call and had a positive displacement blower that needed oil. He said “I have some compressor oil – can I use that in the blower?” I have had others call stating they had a rotary screw compressor using mineral base oil (typically ATF or equivalent), and wondered […]

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Gardner Denver Blower

  Gardner Denver Blower Available in Georgia If you have experience with industrial blowers, you probably know that a Gardner Denver blower is a cut above the rest. Used in numerous applications, Gardner Denver blowers offer performance and reliability you won’t often find with other industrial blowers, and you can purchase your Gardner Denver blowers directly from us – […]

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Know Your Product: Wright Flow Technologies Revolution Pumps

Just recently the team here at Pye-Barker got their first look at the Wright Flow Technologies’ Revolution Pumps. So I sat down with the team to get everyone’s opinions of the pump. The Revolution Pump is Wright Flow’s latest offering in the hygienic pump category. It is EHEDG Certified, is 3A listed, FDA and USDA compliant. It can […]

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Process Equipment Breakdown - Whats Next?

Break downs happen, sometimes they are totally unavoidable. Other times breakdowns are just a matter of time – caused by a mistake made during reassembly after routine maintenance, or worse still not doing the required maintenance at the appropriate time (I’m shocked but it happens far too often). With that said, here few steps to […]

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Product Review: Viking Motor Speed Pumps

Viking Motor Speed Pumps I’ve just gotten my hands on some of the new Viking Motor Speed Pumps. And frankly I’m fairly impressed. For Pye-Barker’s clients these look like they are the perfect product for applications where you are pumping low viscosity liquids at high speed and capacity. What these pumps are ideally suited to […]

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The Art Of Comparing Apples To Oranges: How To Evaluate Two Different Proposals

“In The Absence Of Information People Will Buy Based On Price.” I’ll admit that I can’t for the life of me remember who said that but I don’t believe I have the genius to think it up myself. And the default information finder of the 21st century, Google – hasn’t helped at all. When clients are […]

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3 Ways To Ruin Your Pump

Pumps are a lot like the human body. Keep them healthy and they will provide you with a lifetime of good health and worry free living. In all the Krav Maga classes that I teach see this as well, the students who take the best care of their bodies, get the best performance out of […]

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