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Net Positive Suction Head Or NPSH Made Easy

Net Positive Suction Head or NPSH Made Easy The pump manufacturer will state the NPSHr, Net Positive Suction Head required, to prevent cavitation or vaporization of the liquid in the pump. The NPSHa, Net Positive Suction Head available, must be greater than that required by the pump. For a basic understanding of Net Positive Suction Head, you […]

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Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) and Total Dynamic Head (TDH)

Pounds per Square Inch and Total Dynamic Head Two common descriptions of pump pressure are PSI (pounds per square inch) and TDH (total dynamic head). PSI is usually associated with positive displacement pumps and TDH with centrifugal pumps, but the terms are interchangeable. PSI is usually stated in gauge pressure as PSIG, the pressure you read on […]

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Your Compressors Location Can Play A Huge Roll In It's Performance

The Role of Your Compressor Most of us know how important location is in retail business. Although location when it comes to support equipment is just as crucial if not more so. Support equipment, pumps, blowers, and air compressors more often than not are put where an existing one was, and this is not always […]

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Viking's New API 676 Compliant Pump

Viking's New API 676 Compliant Pump Viking Pump is proud to announce the availability of the XPD 676 Series and the Universal 682 Series. Engineered to API 676 Design Standards, the XPD 676 is the Industry’s first fully API 676 Compliant Internal Gear Pump. Capacity to 1,600 GPM (363M3/Hr) Pressure to 200 PSI (14 BAR) Higher pressures […]

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3 Types Of Filters For Your Compressed Air System

3 Types of Filters for Your Compressed Air System Quality of air is a pressing issue and there have been many instances where people have ordered filters not knowing what it is they actually need. As cars need different types of tires for different types of terrain, a car driving in snow will have a […]

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The Benefits Of Using Gardner-Denver Certified Technicians

Gardner-Denver Certified Technicians We recently received a call from a customer who has several 300 horsepower Gardner-Denver ElectraSaver air compressors that are all approximately 5 years old. The call was in regards to a problem with the machine kicking out on start up. They had pulled the motor and sent it to a motor shop to be […]

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ARO Electronic Interface EXP Series Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps for Dosing and Metering

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps for Dosing and Metering Many of my customers in north Georgia who produce coatings, printing inks and light weight chemicals and typically use air operated diaphragm pumps are always asking me what we can offer for metering, dosing or being able to remote operate their dispensing operations. Most of these customers also use positive […]

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Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine Raves About Viking's New XPD 676 Pump

Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine Raves About Viking's New XPD 676 Pump Refineries, petrochemical plants and their EPCs have had limited choices for positive displacement (PD) pumps that comply with API 676 design standards until recently. While many pumps claim to ‘meet the intent’ of the standard, or ‘comply, with exceptions’, Viking Pump has developed a new series […]

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Using an ARO Diaphragm Pump for Powders

Using an ARO Diaphragm Pump for Powders We have a customer who does custom chemical mixing for pesticide and herbicide manufacturers. The additives used to produce these products come in both powder and liquid form. Usually the ingredients are mixed with water in large mixing tanks. The product is then moved to a smaller tank […]

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How Condensate/Water Gets Into Your Compressed Air System

How it Get In & How We Get it Out Compressed air is a simple tool but with complex issues. Air can be compressed and used to make jobs easier by moving product such as sugar, applying paint, or in tools for a shop. The complexity is the process which air goes through before it […]

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