Gardner Denver Reciprocating Compressors: The Basics

Gardner Denver Reciprocating Compressors: The Basics

A compressor boosts the pressure of a gas, reduces the bulk of it and expands its density without turning it into a liquid. Gardner Denver reciprocating compressors can do this in a number of ways. A common factor between all compressors is that they all use some type of fuel, such as electricity or gasoline, […]

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See the New Generation of Denver Gardner Compressors [VIDEO]

The Ultima compressors are the next generation Denver Gardner Compressors that utilize high-efficiency, low- and high-pressure, two-stage dry screw airends. Each and is individually driven by a variable speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, and each motor operates at 97% efficiency. Simply put, it’s pumping perfected. Due to its breakthrough water-cooled design, Ultima provides up to […]

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Rotary Screw Air Compressor vs. Piston in GA: Which is Right for Your Application?

There are so many types and models of air compressors available, that it’s easy to get confused. And besides the many different models and sizes to choose from, there are extra options like dryers and filters to consider.  Today we’re discussing the differences between two common types – rotary screw air compressor vs. piston in […]

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Is It Time To Switch To Oil Free Air Compressors?

I know that we’ve been hearing a lot about oil free air compressors of late. Some of you might be wondering about the hype. I believe they are worth the hype and they can represent incredible value to the right customer. I suspect that as we move forward and the technology becomes more widespread, the […]

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3 Root Causes Of Trouble in Compressed Air Systems

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Henry David Thoreau This quote is often how I imagine the army of consultants and experts who offer advice on the improvement of - well anything and compressed air is no exception – acts. Sure a consultant […]

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The Real Secret to Optimizing Your Compressed Air System

It’s interesting to me that a lot of compressed air systems are allowed to grow organically. Pumping systems are precisely engineered. Requirements are specified exactly. The system is evaluated on paper, future-proofed. Those designs are evaluated and double checked… Compressed air systems are not specified per se. Compressed air system components are specified. A lot […]

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What Everyone Wishes They Could Remember About Air Compressors But Usually Can’t

When you’ve grown up around air compressors – literally in my case, it means that the jargon is second nature. However I know I often forget this when speaking to clients and often there is confusion when a couple of different terms get blurred. So I thought I’d take the time to remind you of […]

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Dryer Basics: Why Do Compressed Air Systems Need Drying Anyway?

Manufacturing and processing has seen a boom in compressed air usage over the last decade or so. Devices and controls have become more sophisticated and in turn less tolerant of damp compressed air. Traditionally, moisture in compressed air was simply tolerated. Despite the fact it can cause trouble in pneumatic systems, solenoid valves and air […]

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Compressed Air System Design

There are really only two ways to make a profit in business. Reduce your costs of production or Sell more of your products. The president of your company and your CFO are not doubt admonishing you to cut costs as much as you can. I’m sure you’ve shared the same mission with your team. One […]

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“Why hasn’t my team fixed the ‘low cost stuff’ from my compressed air audit?”

We do our share of compressed air audits for clients. One phenomena that baffles us and our clients more often than we’d like is when our audit team’s list of “low cost quick wins” often aren’t implemented immediately. When we check back, many clients haven’t fixed their leaks. They haven’t made simple process improvements to […]

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